Getting business cards printed

Are you ready to make your business really standout?

It’s time to design the business cards for your t-shirt company.

What paper weight should you use?

The paper weight of your business card is how strong and thick your paper is going to be. The standard for business cards is 300gsm. However, some people feel that this weight is still too cheap feeling.

For a slightly more professional feel, go for a 400gsm paper weight. You can also increase professionalism by laminating or spot varnishing your cards.

What are your options for designing your business cards?

Choose from a template

Many printings companies (especially specialist online printers) offer a selection of business card templates you can choose from.

This option is wonderful for quickly building a template without having to hire a designer or design it yourself. Just type in your own text and pay the printer. The only downsides to this option is that your design will lack quality and uniqueness.

Design your own

This option is rarer than the predesigned template library option, as the technology is far more expensive to create and manage. However some companies provide an online business card designer, allowing for higher customization.

Of course you can also design the business cards yourself if you have prior design experience. We wouldn’t recommend that beginners take on the image of their business before gaining some experience.

Commission a designer

Hiring a designer is by far the most expensive option when designing your business cards, however there are some guarantees when working with a seasoned professional designer:

  • Personalised service – Your designer will most likely ask you exactly how you want your company to be represented and go through multiple redesigns if you are not satisfied.
  • Custom design – Your design will be one-of-a-kind. There will be a small chance that anyone in the entire world has the exact same design as you, making your brand that much stronger.
  • Higher quality – Your design will be high quality and allow for you to represent the brand in a completely unique way. If you have a creative idea for catching people’s eye, tell your designer and see if they can make it work
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