Artwork Design

Artwork Design

We can accept the following media:


We can accept the following file type's:


Illustrator Guidelines:

When sending us an Illustrator file all artwork contained within must be in vector format any raster images contained within must adhere to the Photoshop guidelines. All fonts must be either outlined or supplied as separate files. And where possible all colours should be indicated via a named swatch.

Photoshop Guidelines:

When sending us Photoshop files, the design must be the same size or bigger than your required print size and must be at least 300dpi.

What are the differences between vector and raster images?


"Vector" images are made up of mathematically created lines these can be reduced or enlarged to any size required. Vector file types produce the best artwork!

"Raster" or "Bitmap" images are made up of blocks of colour called pixels these blocks of colour simply become bigger when blown up and this can create a blocky effect. Thats not good when you want your design to look its best!

Where possible please send a hardcopy of what you expect your artwork to look like. A simple colour proof or laser output will do. This gives us a better indication of what you are expecting.

We have a full, in house artwork department working on both G4 AppleMacs and PC's artwork sent to us. If any design work is requested , or if we have to work on your supplied artwork, we charge £30 per hour. You will be advised of any charge before any design work takes place.

Artwork guidelines

Check out our artwork specifications for a better understanding of what we need from you in order to get the best results. Click the buttons below for a guide on specific methods.

  • Screen print
  • Embroidery
  • Direct to garment
  • Film screen print